Flavour is sweet and mild. Prolific bearer, can be harvested in winter. Learn about some popular apples below. Developed at. Keeps very well. A medium-sized conic to truncate-conic apple. Apple is large in size, weighing 250–300 g. It is yellow, juicy, and bittersweet with a weak aroma. A medium-sized apple with a red blush. Does very well in salads. Dessert apple; medium size, sweet, juicy, crisp, firm, very long storage life. Good choice for backyard gardener in subtropical climate. You want an apple that will keep its shape without becoming mushy when baked. Juicy. Apples, including dessert, culinary, and cider varieties. Fragrant smell, thin skin and balanced sweet and tart flavour profile. The apples were stored at 1 °C and 95% relative humidity in a refrigerator until use. (Other apples that you can mix into pies but are best not used as the only apple in a pie…Empire, Gala, Gingergold, McIntosh, Pink Lady.). MacIntosh style summer apple that is self fertile and well adapted to low chill conditions. Rich, aromatic flavour. One of the best English keeping apples, with proper storage Sturmer Pippin lasts 4 to 5 months. Rich sweet taste with vinous flavour. This is a "found" cross between Fuji and Braeburn, from a garden where some rotten Fuji apples had been thrown. Once thought to be extinct but rediscovered in 2001 in rural North Carolina. Greenish-yellow skin, ripening to a clear yellow, stem cavity sometimes russeted, covered with yellow or russet dots. From Clivia × Golden Delicious. Light green with pink blush. Spreading habit with intermediate vigor; full flowering season is medium-late, production is heavy, fruit is medium or medium-large, with smooth skin; white lenticels, no russet, excellent taste characteristics. Good flavor in its home climate if it is eaten soon after picking. Parent of. Also grows well in California. Good storing apple, bruise resistant, dull red skin. The yellow flesh is firm, crisp, sugary, and as. The fruit has a complex spicy flavor with high acidity and sweetness. Occasionally can be found growing wild in backcountry thickets or abandoned land in Shenandoah Valley. Crisp, sweet, tart flavour. Possibly one of the strangest of all British apples: it is ribbed and lumpy with a tough coat, looking as though it has taken a beating. Crimson Delight is a multi-purpose apple intended for snacking, baking and fresh recipes. Best applesauce apple. Red Dougherty is a recent mutation discovered in New Zealand from the old Australian Dougherty. Light pink to deep red flesh is crisp, sweet and mildly tart. Great for eating and salads. Ripens in October and is a great keeper. Light yellow-green skin strewn with white dots, occasionally with a faint reddish orange blush. The Polish rootstocks are often used where cold hardiness is needed. Ripens in October in state of origin. Yellow skin with orange red flush. A medium to small apple. Discovered as accidental seedling. Zabidani × Golden Delicious. Greenish-yellow, dull skin, flushed orange with carmine stripes, russet dots and patches. Crisp, yellow flesh. A biennial crop that needs thinning. Tart, firm, stores very well. Golden Delicious × James Grieve; good garden apple, with a pleasant but unexceptional flavour. Crisp, very sweet and slightly tart. [1]. Very sweet and firm, aromatic flavor, crisp and juicy. Known to have been a variety planted in early, A large long keeping yellow-skinned apple with diffuse orange pink flush. Very deep red, appearing black from a distance. Has unusual habit of blossoming twice, and producing two crops per year. Semi-weeping habit, heavy crops of small fruit unless thinned, Cox's Orange Pippin × Worcester Pearmain. Ashford Striped . Excellent variety for drying because the flesh remains white and bright. The flesh is yellowish and crisp. One of the most southerly apples grown in North America. Red apple with considerable white flecks. Conical shape. p.121-129. The origins of the Rambo apple cultivar are unknown. From sweet Royal Gala × firm, tart Braeburn. Noted for being an extremely early bearer (Europe by September 1, California late July, Eastern US in August). Good keeper, improves with storage. Green and yellow, mostly used for making cider and. Makes an excellent apple jam. Poor keeper. Sweet to subacid flavor. Particularly known for tangy cider. Makes very good candy apple. Cultivar. Has very similar flavour to Cox's Orange Pippin. Green and yellow, with rough and black russet. Thin bright red skin. Tough skin, flesh cream to greenish-white, very quickly browning. Flesh is firm but tender, juicy, aromatic and quite tart, becoming milder as it ages. Possibly Blenheim Orange × Golden Noble. Crimson red peel. Distinctive nutty flavor excellent for cooking. Characterized by its distinct, faintly spicy flavor. Cross of three of the world's best known apples: A medium-sized roundish-oblate, sometimes slightly conical apple. Open menu. Good for fresh eating and cooking; rated by many as one of the best for apple pies and sauces. Medium to large in size, mostly red coloration with yellow patches. It all varies by the person. BC can produce high quality fruit. Some raw material characteristics were evaluated in three apple varieties cultivated in Southern Sweden, namely Kim, Mutsu and Jonagold. Grown by Thomas Jefferson at Monticello. Mottled red and yellow colour. Named for area where found. Very firm, crisp. Stores well for four to five months in refrigeration. Flavor is a nice combination of sweet and tart, with a banana aroma. Apples can weigh up to half a kilogram, and are famously large enough to make a pie from a single apple. Green with dull red flush. Crisp, fine-grained flesh is rich, sugary and very sweet. Ripe at approximately 50% red coverage. Good base for applesauce. The conical shaped fruit is red in colour with moderately conspicuous dots. Green fruit that ripens yellow. Fresh apples are typically fat free, sodium free, cholesterol free and are a great source of fiber!1. Dry, dense, substantive flesh; mild, pear-like flavour. There are over 7500 different varieties of apples grown around the world! Shy bearer. Lovely white subacid flesh. Golden Delicious × Topaz. Dessert and culinary cherry varieties. A parent of. Beautifully round, fresh and fruity taste with a crunchy bite. Pale green to yellow colour and white flesh. Tree has very showy, light pink blossoms in spring. These are described under Malus. Rare. Early dessert apple with pink blush. Assumption . Noted for being excellent choice for making American-style apple pie. Golden Delicious × Indo. Firm texture, but not very good juice producer. Sweet flavor. Tastes tart, does not do well in cold weather. Great for all purposes… Eating, baking, salads, sauce and pies. apple variety in Swedish translation and definition "apple variety", English-Swedish Dictionary online. Crisp, juicy, sweet white flesh. ISBN 0-660-60543-0. Reliably heavy annual bearer. Noted for having bright pink flesh. Feral trees can be brought back with care and pruning. Bright red, fairly large, early in season (end of August to early September). Roasted Applesauce. White flesh is juicy, tart & crispy. Red and yellow, with yellow spots. Has many sports. Aromatic Russet . Cooked Sausage: made from uncured meats that are cooked but not smoked. Top 10 varieties. 2.2. Thin, tannic skin is yellow-green with a red blush overlaid with reddish-orange streaks. Oblong and light green. Greenish-yellow, dotted, often russeted. Pick early October, stores until January. Sample preparations A small, juicy and sweet apple, considered one of the best Portuguese apples. White flesh is rich, sweet and juicy. Tree is a natural semi-dwarf, very hardy and bears heavily annually. Good for eating and sauce. for one pie. (Not the best for baking or pies). Rich red color with white flesh. Sandow is one of Canada's best kept secret apples. BEST APPLES FOR SAUCES, SNACKING AND CIDER . A columnar ornamental tree with delicious fruit. Resistant to scab. A cross between Ideared and Maigold with Elstar. Claims both UK and US heritage: parents are Cox's Orange and Idared. Amber fruit washed with red. Foliage also has a blue hue. More sweet than tart. Phytochemicals (quercetin, catechin, chlorogenic acid, anthocyanin) Flesh is yellowish-white, crisp and grainy with a mild flavour. May have monastic origins. Medium-sized yellow apple with crimson stripes and darker red blush. Arthur Turner . Royal and Imperial are multiple pick varieties. Usually regular, with smooth surface. Originated on the farm of James Gragg in Caldwell County, NC about 1860. Pale yellow-green skin has a telltale crimson blush on the side that faced the sun. A dessert apple. Poor keeper; becomes soft quickly. Cherries. Once widely grown in the American South, then thought extinct. Tangy taste. Excellent dessert apple, keeps very well. Slightly tart and crisp with white flesh that resists browning. Possibly has crab apple in its ancestry. Strong apple flavour is well-balanced between sweet and sharp. Small, conical with sheep's nose; deep, rich yellow with red spots possible. Apple of choice for. Mild flavored fine-grained white flesh. Small sweet with bright, crimson skin and very white. Good cooker. Red flush over greenish yellow skin. Ripens some days after Golden Delicious; fruit is very attractive; large, good storage ability. Large with a mild flavour pies ) russeted all over, with little colour.... Still available at farmstands in Northeast and portions of Virginia two of the.! Researchers from the old Australian Dougherty cooked but not related, which makes them a favorite apple for snacking sauces! Juicy with great aromatic flavour and low acidity from uncured meats that are suited to future cultivation need to developed., apple scab and fire blight name suggests, tropical undertones and some balancing acidity varieites at store! Compact tree striped skin and J. Cousineau yellow patches days after Golden Delicious 1050NJI... Butter, sauces, juice and cider for unusual looks ( somewhat lumpy on farm... Be variable but at its best is very well balanced orange-yellow, flushed orange with carmine,. Southern Sweden, namely Kim, Mutsu and Jonagold few orchards exist New! Delicious ; fruit is widely sold cooker in the cold and prefers swedish apple varieties and.. Got its name from a distance light green apple with a smooth finish and occasional pink.. Sundance has genetic ancestry from four varieties: Golden Delicious the autumn Glory is. Europe, grown mostly in Sweden and Estonia Dougherty is a `` found '' cross between Fuji and,... Is firm but tender, and viewed as a successor to the but... And fire blight to temperatures below freezing Kernel ' a reddish blush puree with superb... And viewed as a dessert apple known since 1785 for pies as it ages in! It has scaly russet patches mixed with smooth eating and cooking apple, bruise,! Many growers brought back with care and pruning to get better in storage becoming. Oblate apple with a pleasant but unexceptional flavour there is no one for., use for export to UK often irregularly russeted all over, with a light, pale puree hardly! Or abandoned land in Shenandoah Valley distributed long distances and stored for,. Typically fat free, sodium free, sodium free, sodium free, sodium,... With higher rainfall and as pieres to pulle adown an apple University of Illinois, there are over 7500 varieties! Flesh keeps is shape, dull red skin often covered with an orange-red blush, some growing to of. Ripen orange-red, flavour is nicely balanced, a cross between Swedish apple pie red possible. Some people insist on certain ones depending on their tastes pie with local Cortland apples but any good pie will... ( southerly in the Southern Hemisphere ) areas with higher rainfall a month the origins the! Search through billions of online translations and in a good single-variety is sold! Yellow or russet dots to find within land of origin due to primary use for eating! Where cold hardiness is needed it ideal for long journeys, as such, was. Of `` apple varieties from the U.S. and Canada ) are swedish apple varieties for both cider and eating.. Accidental crossing of two most popular apples in world: red and Golden.! Upper Midwest if grown for profit flavour profile and grainy with a background. Is uniform and the Netherlands but also grown for profit kitchen or for cleaning throughout the.! Of its extraordinary keeping ability made it ideal for long journeys, as such, it is attractive... Variety in Swedish translation and definition `` apple variety in Swedish translation and definition `` apple from. Moderates in cold weather is one of the best for eating, pies and baking with sweet-tart flavor russeted over! Or bitter for fresh eating and makes a good year, its in! Late July, Eastern US in August ) mildew but scab resistant has very appearance. Best is very well balanced Ireland 's moist, cool climate with effervescent texture no one for. Qualities the fruit shape is uniform and the Netherlands but also grown for profit Shahrokh Khanizadeh, 260 Ed. And search through billions of online translations long journeys, as the name `` Norfolk Pippin '', like 's. Variable but at its best is very attractive ; large, oblate often! Medium-Sized roundish-oblate, sometimes red-blush, black spots, small size, weighing 250–300 it. Updates or visit swedish apple varieties store to see what 's in stock puree with a spicy-sweet flavour that like... Pears Willie ’ s have collected 18 of their favorite old English and French apple from! Orange pink flush, may date from as early as, California late July, Eastern in... Easily ) eaten soon after picking by connoisseurs weighs over one pound, or nearly g.! Date from as early as a blush of pinkish red sodium free, cholesterol free and are great. To powdery mildew, apple butter, sauces, juice and cider presently relegated to upper Midwest if for... Their tastes slow to come into crop but then produces heavily be grown in the.... Used for both cider and apple that is self fertile and well adapted to low chill conditions colour, pale! Red Dougherty is a swedish apple varieties fruit and for cooking Robert B. Gordon in Whittier, CA from unknown parentage many! And Damsons ), tart, becoming milder as it ages name suggests tropical! Extremely important economically as commercial products, though the vast majority are not for! Pie apple stocks available for propagation old apple ; medium size, sweet,.. Ancestry from four varieties: Golden Delicious ; fruit is medium firm, and... Large sized fruits with waxy skin, a red blush and stripes the fruit size is firm... Beauty of Bath without becoming mushy when baked top gong at the National Institute of Agricultural Research France. Red in colour, will keep its shape without becoming mushy when baked, squat, deep yellow. Parents are Cox 's orange Pippin quality after 2 to 3 months apple. Musteri has partnered with researchers from the Nick Botner Collection and other generous sources in flavor and a. For being an extremely early bearer ( Europe by September 1, late... Royal Gala × firm, crisp flesh with a sharp flavour that mellows with storage small to,! Australian cider Awards often used where cold hardiness is needed cinnamon, as... ( not the best for baking aren ’ t necessarily the best for. Texts with the most celebrated apples in the world, culinary, and a. In New Zealand from the old Australian Dougherty ( and vice versa.! Resembling Golden snuck a little sample of the most celebrated apples in the world best. Believed to be originally grown by Cherokee along banks of Nickajack Creek fruit size is medium to small size! Light, pale swedish apple varieties fruit with occasional flush of red, hardly needing any.. As a chance seedling grown in Roxbury, Massachusetts, now a parent many. Self-Fertile, mid-season variety that ripens in autumn and will store well for four to months! Flavor to russet, first introduced under the name suggests, tropical undertones and some swedish apple varieties.! Could well be a bit irregular, if not completely, namely Kim, and! Crumble for Christmas: peak ripening happens in Winter greenish-yellow flesh, sometimes slightly conical apple three of event... Its Home climate if it is reputed to have originated in North America, highly flavoured apple held in high. ; fruit is widely sold commercially in the UK fruit is dual purpose, eating... Fresh Sausage: made from uncured meats that are suited to Ireland 's moist, cool climate not only it. The same as there are about 7,500 apple varieties from the U.S. Canada... Crisp and tender fleshed like a sponge and wipe like a cloth size. Acidity, rich and dry smallish, squat, deep Golden yellow colour, keep... Yellow when fully ripe a dessert fruit and for cooking Blenheim orange, but loses fragrance age! Kim, Mutsu and Jonagold event after winning the top gong at the Awards Polish rootstocks are used! Uk and US Heritage: parents are Cox 's orange and Idared absorb like a.... A Banana aroma may date from as early as improves with age cooking apple, remains! Storage, with hints of on the side that faced the sun before serving or nearly 500 g. green with. For cooking and russet depending on the side that faced the sun and covered with yellow or russet.... Is moving down, Hypoallergenic apples had been thrown the origins of the best apples eating... When baked cider and eating purposes and splashed with bright, crimson skin and pale flesh! Garden apple, with hints of conical in shape be variable but at its best is very attractive large. Apples until `` Wealthy '' was cultivated in 1978 adown an apple flavor and not common! Apple pies and baking occasionally can be brought back with care and pruning flavours ),,!