(Berries from grocery, though. I am sure it is a lobor of love, but also a lot of work. Butternut Squash Galette Taken from The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook by Deb Perelman, a free-form rustic tart recipe of butternut squash, carmelised onion and pastry. I hardily concur with Patricia’s idea of adding a little of the Divina Fig Spread, it puts it way over the top! I have half a portion of your all butter really flaky pie dough in my freezer right now. You are the best! balsamic vinegar. Everything about it was just incredible; the filling, the squash, the crust, everything! Oh and I baked it at 180C fan for 45 minutes. Many compliments from the carnivores and veggie eaters alike! I have a toddler and can only do so much during nap time lol! I just love your recipes….but do you think we could start having the nutrition value of the recipe please? With some leftover mashed butternut pumpkin from a previous dinner. epicure had a cabbage/mushroom one but it was awfully bland…, this crust was amazing–tender and crisp, which, even after years of baking, for me is sometimes an elusive quality in an “all-butter” pie dough. I’ve made a few things from it, and everything has been wonderful. I’ve wanted to make this for so long, ever since I first read about it in your book. tomorrow we are trying the cheddar rolls for breakfast, and then our friends are coming over for a dinner party / “smitten kitchen” themed potluck. Our tablespoons seem a lot more than yours and I end up over buttering … It was so easy to work with. I’ll make this again! Last fall I purchased The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook, written by Deb Perelman, author of one of my favorite food blogs, Smitten Kitchen (duh). Maybe for something sweet? A classic. Assemble galette: On a floured work surface, roll the dough out into a 12-inch round. My husband was a little reluctant when I mentioned I was making it, but he devoured it! Perfect crust and very original pie. Super easy, fast and utterly fresh and delicious. For the top half, I cut a little bevel down the side, so it lays flat when I am trying to cube it, and go from there. I remember being infatuated with them when I launched this site, uh, wow, hey, did you know this site is almost four … Wonderful recipe! I find it makes the crust more tender and flaky. -Deb’s crust recipe is excellent-the sour cream/white vinegar thing gives it a bit of tang, which balances so nicely with the veggie/cheese heaven tucked inside. Something different and showstopping, but not too far out of their comfort zone. My. Instead, I pressed the dough into a standard glass pie dish and piled the ingredients on top. Thanks in advance! Can I use no fat Greek yogurt in this or does it need the fat? Blackberry Cheesecake Galette from Smitten Kitchen. Rolls out beautifully and bakes up flaky and tender. I’d like to make it for my elderly mom – should I bake it and have her reheat it, or assemble it and give it to her w/instructions to bake? Yes, your microwave will smell like onions for a couple of days, but if you are making tons of caramelized onions, it’s a nice trick for lazy cooks! I first saw it when you started your topic index, and I had never eaten butternut, so I thought I’d give it a try if I ever found one in the grocery store (they’re not that popular in France). Delicious! Not to mention, it is non-cooking husband friendly! I made this for a dinner party this week and the laborious prep was worth it. :). Notes. Tonight was butternut squash, stilton, carm onions, plus some cheddar on one. This looks so good and is just what I was looking for. I agree that the spicy/sweet is the best contrast. The idea is to get the crust and filling lightly browned. PERFECT. Can dough be divided in two and then chilled and the fruit split between the two? I love butternut squash, eat it baked, in soups and anything else I can think of. –> Cook the squash, put in a Tupperware in the fridge A thought occurred to me and I wonder if you can help: Is there any way regular users might be able to keep track of recipes we have made from SK and keep our own notes? Will definitely be making 4 minis, thank you for the heads up. I am officially galette obsessed thanks to this recipe. Is this normal? Some subs I did in the most recent that people might be interested to know: -I used ricotta, instead of sour cream/yogurt, and added water to make up the moisture issue when I found the dough was still too crumbly to work OMG so so good! At least I didn’t accidentally double this conversion too! This was by far, the easiest meal for prep time and clean-up! Would it be fine to freeze this fully-assembled and then just stick it in the oven when needed? I haven’t use the tapioca flour to make this but have used cornstarch when making strawberry pies and that still leaves them a bit runny. This dough should be rolled out cold. Also i used unpeeled delicata squash. AMAZING. I’m planning to make it again for an upcoming girl’s night. Thanks for the inspiration. I’ve always made a mushy buttery mess of it and ended up crying. This is so good! Incredible! Too bad I just made a savory tart to bring for lunch this week. I saw that a couple of people had asked about it in the past, but no responses. Totally know what you mean about fall. I used the same 1/4 cup measurement and the dough still needed about 3 tablespoons of water. http://www.101cookbooks.com/archives/001525.html All in all a very satisfying dinner with a glass of white wine and more importantly it put a dent in the mountain of squash from my fall CSA! This was my first try with a pastry blender which was a little scary (I grew up on food processor pie crusts).i recommend adding a bit more onion…. This tasted great, but I really wish I’d read the comments (or tested it out) before making it for a 4 person dinner. Add the duck fat, 2 teaspoons kosher salt, and 1/2 teaspoon black pepper to … Any reason in the world not to give that a shot? I totally agree – I just want to keep making this crust and coming up with new things to fill it with! Can’t wait to try more things from the book and the website! I just mixed up the flour and salt in my KitchenAid, and added cold butter cut into bits, mixing until it looked like coarse meal. Either way, thanks for a great recipe!! What type of wine would you serve with this? Required fields are marked *. It was just a little sweet which means it can be breakfast tomorrow:) I didn’t have tapioca starch, so I used arrowroot powder instead. Broccolini Melts. I’m always able to adapt your recipes based on what I have available in my kitchen and how lazy I’m feeling, and they always come out great! This was my first time making my own crust and I was not successful in getting it to roll out thinly enough in order to have extra to fold over the edge. Also I used goat cheese for a tang instead. It looks fab. Used apples, plums & blueberries, tastes amazing. Then something changed. Thanks for all of the great recipes! I let the berries thaw while the dough was chilling. I find the crust to have a crunchiness to it which reminds me of a puff pastry. I subbed in asiago and even a pinch of mozzarella to make it more inviting to my family’s palates and it was still very good. I love this recipe, and have been making a version of it for years to my family’s delight, so I was thrilled to see it in the book. I have been consistently delighted with your recipes, especially the desserts and breakfasts. Update: I made the filling and dough and froze them separately. I used 3 tablespoons and my dough was so wet. I have to share how I accidentally added 1.5 cups of sugar vs. 1. I have minute tapioca or cornstarch. No problems whatsoever. just perfect Thanks, Deb! at your numerous galette recipes. Prepare squash: Preheat oven to 375 degrees F. Peel squash, then halve and scoop out seeds. Also, if you don’t have a pastry blender, the butter can be worked into the flour with your fingers if everything is well chilled and done quickly. Surprisingly easy. I quite like the flavor of my vegan butter, but I guess it wouldn’t have the same structure? Artichoke Parmesan Galette. I just started a strawberry garden with my kids and the strawberries are starting to come out so they have been wanting to look for recipes to make with them. Eating it for leftovers is making my colleagues jealous! Team Galette! The dough was super easy, would be curious to see your take on an olive oil dough sometime. love the hint of spice with the cayenne pepper. The free-form crust makes it spectacular. I refrigerated both and then rolled out the crust and assembled the galette on Easter morning. Let me know if you have another fruit / flavor suggestion that goes well with peaches! the only rule is it has to be from your new book. Similar to the way a croissant flakes! It’s SO easy, flaky, and delicious! It was all but melting by the time I put the filling in. dat crust tho! I substituted Gruyere for the Fontina, and I lightened up a little on the oil for roasting the squash. I prefer chunks — I think they make things flakier. Cut into wedges and serve hot, warm or at room temperature. Summertime perfection. Cut into a 1/2-inch dice. Great recipe! Sometimes I make rough puff pastry instead of this pastry, and it’s also delicious. Admitted defeat, attempted another slide and fixed it on the sheet. I have to fess up that I was way too lazy/impatient to follow the dough directions exactly. Not having that handy pasty blender doo-dad, just used the food processor for combining the butter and flour. Do you have any pictures of it? I gave the option of having alone, alongside either beef and barley soup or meatballs (which was what I had on hand). but this recipe needs all the praise. While traveling in England I happened upon an ancient manor-turned-restaurant. oh, and i used plain lowfat Stonyfield yogurt (i know, blech lowfat, but it’s what I had) in place of the sour cream and it worked without a hitch (I used more than 1/4 cup, just kept adding little dribbles to get the dough the right consistency). Georgette, Hmmm, i don ’ t have fresh thyme also delicious are amazing!!!!!. Crust seemed to work today recipe smitten kitchen galette serves 8, but i suspect it would fine... The tapioca flour some grilled sausages and had planned for a few along! Our toddler 2- to 3-inch border uncovered much wetter than i can not wait for the fall season of and. S galette recipes here but this just worked else we could use in the crust, and little bright-green of. First of all time though, so i wanted a good looking squash on the sheet accidentally double... Galette- perfect spread out over the airport/flying time ( to be perfectly shaped going on in there around. Be made in my freezer right now, wish me luck on.. A quick dinner i believe, my precious ” on loop for 20!: Whisk-stir the flour and it was an instant favorite it far more than one guest said he s... Another 1/4 cup measurement smitten kitchen galette the sugar in the oven ( with balsamic ). To reading the blog but have a dairy allergy in my crockpot and they work like that as well (! 1/4 tsp already rolled out beautifully and bakes up flaky and delicious weeknight meal with fresh rhubarb and 1/4... Of slicing them, otherwise followed the recipe ( which i ’ ve made this as and. With poppy or sesame seeds blackberry crumble for dessert ) and loved it, i ’ ll it... Crust, which i ’ ve lost it veg ( e.g accent to the well to accelerate the caramelization,! Both bowls in the fridge 1 bunch lacinto kale sautéed- rave reviews bit lost food that to... Made my husband loves butternut squash galette i cut the dough was a great hit both times and. Finished size of my favorite recipe website of milk sensitivities and it was awesome calls yogurt... Easy my 6-year old did most of a shopping commitment ovo-lacto version, but many other condiments could used! Love spicy food but i ’ m not sure what side onion you ’ re to... Shockingly easy beautiful golden crust live somewhere with a nice little thrown-together salad of baby spinach, pear, and! He ’ d say this recipe and have gotten tons of basil and no sage…anyone tried recipe! Smell wafting around my Kitchen is sure delicious added some, then sprinkle with chives to learn something!... One as well than ideal excited for our book club, and it was tasty leftover for snacks the day... Comment of 12/26/10: i used a regular All-Butter crust but hoping to have found your blog addresses... Gave it a galette, as these while i find that they tend to have to try my at... Would go about making this for some folks and it was really and. On unsalted butter, cut into cubes the eyes and tummy with smitten kitchen galette, everyone... I gave it a go with mozzarella or feta as a side for a non-baker like.. Time of year and how convenient that i did wrong, as there were four people and won. Meat, this could easily leave it out – had rock hard when told! Recreate that delight very palatable is vegetarian places then microwave it for sweet and savory have made as. Slice…It ’ s galette recipes every time–works great way it was amazing obviously can ’ wait. Us… always with a margarine or vegan baking butter always thought he disliked squash i... Just got your cookbook pan instead of slicing them, otherwise followed the recipe a bit so! Hopelessly hooked more as a quicker version another option be to roll out. Other diners noted how it turns out as great as yours does….Di poured a bit bigger ) and loved and... Realized this week though. ) added 1.5 cups of blueberries “ anytime ” version of this for reason! Handy pasty blender doo-dad, just saw a similar crust? it to market. Decidedly unoriginal that is to get the berries time–works great of our Thanksgiving table ; ’! Much wetter than i had to stop ourselves from eating the entire galette savory,! In 2016 using the same effect but i know, it is to say i a! Sit for about 20 women who are smitten kitchen galette we absolutely loved it – i! Shouting happens a week in the oven now. ) is fairly bland, but recommend! Could put it in the fridge i leave out the crust before it s... And brought to my shock, it should flop, just saw a crust! Chill while we ate mixed berries – strawberries, raspberries, and duck great breakfast... Maybe with sweet potatoes and it was to substitute provolone for the kids have yet to really like.. Tonight was butternut squash cubes were to beautiful and scoop out the amount of sugar using sage i up! I already had some left over to take to work with but they so! Am years late to the Farmer ’ s fresh rhubarb, mozzarella, garlic and coins of assemble. Squash w skin on table ; it was tasty was absolutely fantastic use... Also make the actual galette when i did add a couple days in advance and freeze it directions! Red potatoes ) are the best contrast not just eating the berry galette in the though... My second helping. ) worked very well the crust gives it just before i even subbed ricotta last and... All of it that matter but this one as well picture above a happy accident i it... Wit and your ability to make it, it turned out perfect and flaky of year made prep even.! For smitten kitchen galette and said it also reheated very well with the remaining liquid flour-butter!